Belajar Bahasa Inggris Praktis

  1. Learn english vocabulary by pictures 1.6
    ETS Learn Vocabulary By Pictures helps you to learn English vocabulary very efficiently. This software is a free license software. The software contains:-> Animals (37)-> Appliances (36)-> Body parts (12)-> Clothing apparel (36)-> Colors (12)-> Garden (20)-> Music Instruments (36)-> Numbers (28)-> School (20)-> Sports (32)-> Tools (20)-> Transportation (28)-> Vegetables (19). download now
  2. English by Pictures
    English by Picture (Engpic) is a software written in order for children to learn English. With Engpic, children can learn and remember English vocabularies easily by seeing pictures and playing some games which were designed for them. Engpic also allows users to add/remove vocabulary and create their custom dictionary of picture. download now
  3. ETS 1
    ETS version 1.0 contains thousands of questions for you to practice English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. This edition was designed for Epangsoft and give FREE of charge for all users. Features included:Grammar TestsElementary Level 200 questionsPre-Intermediate 400 questionsIntermediate Level 400 questionsAdvanced Level 400 questionsQuestions Words – 80 questionsTenses Tests – 110 questionsIdioms Tests – 110 questions TOEFL iBT vocabulary220 questions Learn Animals name by Pictures And Pronunciation includedEasy Level 200 questionsMedium Level 200 questionsHard Level 200 questions. download download now
  4. English speaking club
    situs belajar berbicara bahasa inggris download now
  5. English Grammar-Adjectives and Adverbs test
    test 1 test 11 test 21
    test 2 test 12
    test 3 test 13
    test 4 test 14
    test 5 test 15
    test 6 test 16
    test 7 test 17
    test 8 test 18
    test 9 test 19
    test 10 test 20

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